How to grow Bonsai trees

How to say Bonsai
How to say the word Bonsai.

One thing that drives me a little bit nuts is when people come up to me and say "Mark how are your Banzai trees?"

If there is nothing else that you gain from this site, there is one thing I do want you to know, and that is how to properly pronounce the word Bonsai. 

The word Bonsai literally combines two Japanese words.

Bon: Tray or Dish  

Sai: Planting

When pronounced in English, Bonsai should sound like the words "bone" and "sigh"

Please do not use the word Banzai when describing the art of Bonsai

Bazai is a Japanese word that had a number of meanings.

When said, the word Banzai can mean "ten thousand years” or the desire to have a long happy life.

Bazai is also used during a last desperate, effort military charge against an enemy.

Also, if you've ever been out drinking with a group of Japanese friends, you will find they start yelling the work Banzai after about the fourth or fifth shot.  I'm not sure why, but have seen this happen on more than one occasion.

Bonsai is the Japanese word used to translate the Chinese word Penjing which literally means: "tray scenery"

Although the art of Penjing originated in China, the Japanese word Bonsai is used more often when describing this art form..

When learning the art of Bonsai, it's important for you to understand a little bit of the history.  This will help you in the long run and is also very interesting to learn.  Pronouncing the word Bonsai correctly is a very important first step in learning the art of Bonsai.


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