How to grow Bonsai trees

How to water your Bonsai

Watering on a regular basis is important for the good health of your Bonsai tree.  I water my Bonsai everyday unless there's been a good steady rain in the past 24 hours.  In the cooler seasons, watering every other day may be enough for your Bonsai.

To see if your Bonsai needs water, stick your finger just below the surface of the soil.  If it feels dry, it probably ready for your water.  Water your Bonsai before 9AM.  This gives it time to absorb the water before the sun evaporates it from the surface of the soil.

I like to use water that has sat for at least 12 hours.  This helps to gas off any chlorine that may be in the water.  Chlorine is not healthy for your Bonsai and can cause white build up on your pots.  I like to use a watering container that was filled with water the previous day.  Because it's been sitting over night, any chlorine will have evaporated by now and it should be safe to use on my Bonsai.

Only water the soil of your Bonsai.  Do not water the leaves or branches.  Only watering the soil of your Bonsai will encourage your Bonsai to absorb the water upward though out the entire tree.  Make sure you use a gentle water flow so you don't wash away the soil of your Bosai.  Water thoroughly until you see water coming out of the bottom of your Bonsai.

If water puddles up in your Bonsai pot, it's not good, and it's probably time to repot your Bonsai.

After watering, fill up your watering container and let it sit for at least 12 hours so it will be read to use the next time you water your Bonsai.

Like many other things in life consistency it key when it comes to watering your Bonsai.  Following this steps when watering your Bonsai will keep it healthy so you can enjoy it for a very long time.

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