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What is a Floating Bonsai?

Being a tech person for my day job as well as an avid Bonsai enthusiast, I could not help but write about the floating Bonsai, which started appearing online a couple of months ago.  Widely known as the floating Bonsai, the actual name of the product is "Little Star", which was created by a Kick starter project by company that makes the Floating Bonsai is called Air Bonsai.

The product is a small rounded moss pot that levitates above a magnetic "energy base".  The company is using to fund the project. 

The kit includes a moss ball known as the little star, an energy base which creates an electromagnetic and a one of a kind cushion.  The product arrives in a neat little storage box. 

There is also an optional white, lave stone which can be used in place of the moss ball as well as a hand made, much more expensive version of the kit.

The one thing the product does not include is the actual plant which would to go into the floating pot.  This at first may seem ironic, but makes sense as one would be more likely to want to use a plant from their region to complete the tree or plant portion of the Bonsai.  Shipping a plant with the kit would not make sense because all plants do not thrive in all regions.

At the moment, the only way to purchase one is by making a donation to their program.  The Basic lava set is $230. 

To see all their complete list of products available at their Kick starter account click here.

It's not known yet if the company will be expand their purchasing outlets to other venders.




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