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Sharing the art of Bonsai

Mark Givensel - Seabury Hall Bonsai Presentation One of the things I like most about Bonsai is being able to share them with others.  When I work on my trees, I sometimes forget the little trees I'm working on are living pieces of arts that someone else could be enjoying as well. 

Although I get great pleasure from being alone in my Bonsai garden working on my trees.  I also truly enjoy sharing my Bonsai with others

Here are some of the ways to share your Bonsai trees.

Display in your Home
Make a space inside your home to display your Bonsai trees.  Just inside the front door of my home, I have a display table where I place my Bonsai trees.  I do this so members of my family as well as visitors can enjoy my Bonsai.  Bosai trees that are displayed in your home quickly become a great conversation piece for your friends and family.

When displaying inside, don't keep your Bonsai inside for more than a few days, as Bonsai are trees enjoy being outside where they can soak up fresh air, sun.  I usually rotate a Bonsai on my indoor display tree every three or four days, so anyone whom enters will be greeted with a Bonsai.


Volunteer at Bonsai Displays
Displaying your Bonsai at a public event is also a great way to share your Bonsai trees with others.   Most Bonsai clubs put on displays throughout the year and are always looking for good Bonsai to display. 

When I display some of my trees at the County Fair, I am always amazed at the positive comments and feedback from people about my Bonsai trees. 

You can also learn a great deal about Bonsai by displaying by talking with the more experienced Bonsai artist and enthusiast whom are usually happy to give you tips and constructive criticism on your Bonsai trees.

Seabury Hall Bonsai Presentation

Give a presentation
After volunteering at Bonsai Displays and become more experienced with Bonsai, you may want to give presentations of your Bonsai at schools or community events.  I give a couple of presentations each year as my schedule allows, and I'm always amazed at the response I receive from people whom want to learn about Bonsai. 

Seabury Hall Bonsai Presentation 03

Mentoring a Student
Mentoring a student in Bonsai is one of the greatest ways to share your Bonsai.   One of my most rewarding experience has been teaching and mentoring students about Bonsai.  There's a saying "The best test of whether or not you really understand a concept it trying to teach it to someone else."  This couldn't be more true when it comes to Bonsai.  I've found sharing my Bonsai through mentoring has actually helped me learn more about the art of Bonsai.

Working with Bonsai trees has become a hobby I hope to continue for the rest of my life.   Thanks for letting me share with you.

Article by: Mark Givensel,


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